The World Beyond Netflix: 4 Alternatives To The App

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Netflix is great. But not everyone can pay to watch movies, especially if that’s only a few days a month. If you’re a broke student or a young adult still finding your feet, both cable and Netflix are pretty expensive. Thankfully, there are options outside Netflix, that are either cheaper or actually free, with features the same quality or occasionally even better than the standard to offer. Want to know which? Here are four such apps!


Vidmate is an app that is so good that it’s unbelievable. The app is probably the most versatile one around. Watch free movies and TV shows from the suggestions. You can also use the app as a video downloader (probably the quickest you’ve ever seen), a music downloader, Live TV streamer, and to even make memes! The app also offers APK files to download. So you might just find one of these other suggestions on it! Use the app to browse the internet and social media, lock your media safe from prying eyes; the possibilities are endless! Vidmate is also very customizable, with a night mode, storage modifications, and a pan-app regional filter. I could go on! 


Honestly, if more people knew about showbox app, Cable and Netflix would just become unprofitable. The app has thousands of shows, virtually everyone you can name and more. There are movies, and both come in various headers based on popularity, genre, and chronology. The app also gets you subtitles to watch in multiple languages, ranging from french to spanish to Korean and Bahasa including english. Multiple resolutions and prints, quick updation and frequent bug fixing make it the best option for free movie streaming. Plus, the app also has some pretty hard to find stuff to watch, all of which is on Google Drive hosting.

Snag Films

If you’re anything like me and love some good, offbeat cinema, Snag Films should fit the bill. There is a lot of good content you can watch, which is pretty diverse and entertaining. There are documentaries on rockstars, Black movies, Korean Cinema, Bollywood, queer cinema, less known movies with famous stars, Film Noir and several other uncommon genres. Watch all that content for free, with a few ads in between. You can remove the ads with a payment too. Snag Films is a legal way to stream movies, proved since the app is available in accordance to the Play Store’s policies. 

Amazon Video

Yes! Amazon, your very own online store also has a free video entertainment dispenser section on its website. The movies and TV shows there are free and 100% legal to download, being in the public domain. There are also tens of other digital assets on the website, which includes some of the best apps and games, a lot of them absolutely free! Amazon Video is a lot of awesome rolled into one single section. There are some great entertainers available there, like the Ninja Turtles series, Monarchy, Nat Geo’s hit Brain Games series and tens of other amazing content spanning Anime, Sci-Fi to Dramas and Nature documentaries. Totally worth checking out!

There is no limit to how amazing this can get. Check out other options like Cartoon HD, Play View and Cinemabox as well.Do leave your queries in the comments below.

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