Showbox App Download Updated Guide 2019: Windows/Android

If you’re a lover of online streaming and downloading, then you must have heard about Showbox. Showbox is a popular Android app that helps users watch and download their favorite movies online.

How to Download Showbox on Android?

Here’s a step by step guide on how to download Showbox on your Android device

Showbox is not readily available on your android device’s Play Store. Thus, you’ll have to adjust your settings/ seek for permission from your device to download the App.

Go to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources. Turn ON the UNKNOWN SOURCES option so your device can download the app from an unknown source.

Showbox Features: Get Unlimited Stream

There are great features that make Showbox such a fantastic app to have in your android device. These features include;

Bugs and Fixes:

Just like any other new app, there are times you may experience hitches when using Showbox.  Below, we have indicated some of the most common Showbox errors and how to fix them; 

Showbox not working:

If this error shows on the app’s homepage, try turning off your Wi-Fi connection. Next, go to Settings>App Manager. Select the Showbox App, and you’ll see an option for ‘clear cache/Clear Data. Click on this option and wait for the device to clear the cache. Turn on the WIFI connection once you’re through and try opening Showbox. It should open and run smoothly this time.

Showbox Video Not Available:

This is another common problem with Showbox users. The error is often accompanied with a ‘Try Another Server.’ Don’t freak out, consider getting a VPN on your device. Once you’ve gotten a good VPN that runs well on your Android device, go to Settings>Apps>Showbox>ClearCache and Data>Click Yes. Turn the WIFI OFF, then ON; Showbox videos should load normally.

Showbox Server error:

NB: remember we mentioned that Showbox has to be downloaded via 3rd party sites, hence need for permission for UNKNOWN SOURCES from your device? As such, always preinstall your Showbox app from the Downloads (Found in FILE MANAGER). With other apps, you’d have to go to the Play Store for a quick pre-download and pre-installation.  

Is it Legal? – Our Take

Is Showbox app legal, do I infringe on copyright laws when I use the app to stream and download content online?  Well, this is a pertinent question many users ask themselves before downloading the app.  

Here’s what you need to know about the legal aspect of using Showbox;

1st school of thought:

2nd school of thought

Final Verdict:

Every developer expects to reap back something from their apps. Showbox is free, no subscription fee or hidden costs. How is this possible?

Showbox earns from the ads you see when watching and downloading content. Thus, every ad you see on Showbox app during use helps the developer earn revenue. It may seem like a small amount, but cumulatively over millions of users worldwide, the total can be huge. 

It could be even that Showbox enters into a form of agreement with content makers and distributors regarding revenue sharing. Showbox is arguably one of the most popular free movie downloading apps for android users. In 2019, the world of online entertainment is expected to expand and offer more thrilling diverse content. 

Download the latest version of Showbox app today and catch all the action as and when you need it.