Showbox app is one of the most searched app on the internet, and people love to use showbox because of the high quality movies and TV series it provides, free of cost. Showbox is a leading movie streaming app that gives movies without much ads unlike their competitors. But the only problem with showbox is that its not available on official app stores. But don’t panic, there is still a method to download showbox for any smartphone, and that is the method we are about to teach you in this small guide.

The only things you would require would be a phone with a pretty decent screen dimension and a good decent Internet access. Apart from that you need not pay a single penny to bring some enjoyment to your life.

Also another sad part is, this awesome app is still not available in Google Play Store. But, there is nothing to worry, just consider yourself lucky becausebluestacks I am patient enough to take you through each and every step on how to download and use this lovely portable app.

download showbox app

Download ShowBox for Android

Now let me assume most of you have an android device along with you. You have a decent updated android OS which proves to be really very beneficial if you want showbox to work smoothly.

Let us carry on then with the step by step process. I shall try to make it as easy as possible for you guys to download showbox for pc and I am pretty sure you guys are way smarter than me. Some of you might not even need to go through the steps. But for those who like a bit of a guidance let me be your guide and would really appreciate it if you would put some faith and give me some time on this.

  • Open your SETTING’s MENU in your android device.
  • Then go to SECURITY and TURN ON the option for UNKNOWN Sources. [Here in this step you might need to use your wit as it might be different from one device to another, so I just hope you can figure out this on your own.]
  • Now you just need to go to the link given below and it shall take you to a site where you can download the application file.


  • Once the file is downloaded, just open and click on the install
  • Once the app is installed, Walla!! You are all set to experience thrill on your phone.


Download ShwoBox for Windows PC

showbox for pc

Now for those of you who like to take things a step further and want to enjoy movies on their PCs or portable laptops. Don’t worry I have got your back. A big screen is always better and it is even better if you are the kind of geeky person like oneself.

Showbox running on a PC (having windows 7 or above), is only cool if you have a fast internet access and a good processor of good clock speed and say a RAM of about 4 GB, because now we are talking technology tweaks in this section because now you need to run an emulator (Virtual Machine).

A Virtual machine which is basically an OS that runs virtually on your machine but that is a whole different topic.

The virtual machine I want you to be familiar is BlueStacks, for those of you who know and use this app, very good but for those who are alien to this emulator app. Well you can just go to the link below and familiarize yourself on how to install and use Showbox For Windows.

So once you are familiar with Bluestack all you need to do is cope up with me and follow these steps.

  • Get the latest Showbox apk file from the link below.

Link for latest showbox apk

  • Open and install the file with the help of Bluestack. Once you open Bluestack it’s just like you are using an android interface on your PC, and thus it is called a virtual machine.
  • You will see a search icon on the Bluestack screen, you just need to click that and type in Showbox.
  • Then what it does is, it just searches the apk file and installs it in the emulator. You click on the Showbox icon and the rest is all history.
  • It’s just like your android device.

See it was not that difficult after all, once you come over the Bluestack hurdle.

Showbox for iPhone and iPad

Well here it is a whole different scene whole together, well there is a thing in the network world. Anything that is free and easy to get hold of don’t get much attention from big guys. In this case Google Play store for android and iOS for apple products. Thus, they make it very difficult for such apps and products to make their name and become popular.

But, since we are among the more curious ones and also the lazy ones who want to screen movies right at their fingertips. It is always a better option to find an alternative. IP Address

So for the iPhone and iPad users, here is some good news, we have the same app here but with a different name Showbox in this plot is called MovieBox. You don’t need to get all worked up. It is the same thing but with a different name just to sound different for iOS users.

You can download the app in iOS from the link below.

garageband for windows
Then it is the same process and steps you have to follow you normally do to install any app.

The only cons is since iOS does not recognize the app as a legit affiliated file it might at times won’t allow the application to work properly. All you have to do is, just close the app,showbox clean the cache memory and reopen the app. As they say, in order to get something you must give up something.psiphon 3 we hope by now you have successfully downloaded and using Showbox on iPhone


Well Showbox is a treasure box for movies and TV series and shows. You get to stream all the popular and latest movies and series without paying a buck and that to taking your entertainment pack anywhere you go. show Box provides movies in HD quality which is possible only in a few other apps. Also, there is no signup. What else can you ask for?

Update On OCT, 7, 2016

ShowBox app gets you pretty amazing movies and TV shows to watch online of your smartphone. The high resolution movies, TV shows, documentaries, short films and more can keep you entertained for hours. ShowBox uses your Internet connection to get you the content you want to watch right on your Android device. The app is also available for Blackberry and Windows. iOS users get the app under the name MovieBox. Get Showbox Apk file